Energy monitoring and management

Energy efficiency by means of energy monitoring and management

Nowadays automation and electronics play a key role in every field of domestic and international industries.

This has clearly highlighted the problem of energy efficiency, the efficiency with which a system or a set of systems manage energy without causing waste, environmental damage and unnecessary losses to companies.

The establishment of an energy monitoring and management system is a fundamental step in any project that aims to establish an energy efficient system devoid of waste.

SITEC srl offers a high quality energy monitoring and management system in real time, accessibile everywhere.

  • Savings on energy costs

  • Optimization of energy resources based on the ISO 50001:2011 norm

  • Real-time monitoring of the consumption status of the system or systems

  • Possibility to plan efficiency interventions based on data provided by the system, both in the design phase and in the implementation phase
  • Possibility to monitor the effectiveness of its interventions to improve efficiency
  • Ease of use, the system data for energy monitoring is accessible from any internet connection
  • Identification of possible efficiencies not yet identified

  • Ability to receive alarm messages after having pre-established them


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