TIMER 72×72

Out timers

Sitec timers allow for a rapid and precise Sitec time setting, combined with the precision and reliability of an electronic device.

  • Dust-resistant

  • Memory function capability

  • Resistant to voltage surges

  • Guarantee transition from the first to the second speed (speed change signal is maintained for a second)

  • Manage bowl reversal rotation from the first to the second speed with a 1.5 second stop (eliminating sudden rotations)

  • Built-in manual option (without the need for an external selector)

Built-in timers for process control. Designed for use in industrial environments.
IP54 front panel with dust and liquid protection.

3 displays with red LED signal lights to display remaining dough processing time
96 x 96 x 106 mm
Power supply: 24Vac/dc +/-10%



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